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fight [Sep. 10th, 2006|09:47 pm]
We had a worship night earlier.The first one for the church..it went well i suppose.I only led like three songs,but i cant make everyone happy with number of songs/song choices.Oh well.

It was so stressful..I think i foung out how much i actually HAD to put into it like...yesterday.I feel bad for neglecting people,but its hard to understand unless your actually in my position.I guess I dont understand where they are coming from either.I thought thye would be more suportive...anyways,this is dumb.
The coolest thing was that i totally needed tonight,and needed comunion,and needed God to meet me like he did,and it was awesome.Hes telling me to wake up,get with it,get back to where i was before i put myself in a stupid place where i should have KNOWN that i would get stuck.
I love Jesus so much.so much.I can not believe how i could ever not study with him for days on end.I need to not neglect the people i love...being..family..brian..jesus.oh and a billion others who i suck at keeping up with.

anyways.big hugs to you.(i sound like my gramma.)

Your love is
deeper....than the ocean
higher....than the heavens
reaches....beyond the stars in the sky.

Jesus your love has no bounds
Jesus your love has no bounds

Finally got some pickiesss


Hot ring tan


From: _uberlegitimate
2006-09-11 05:31 am (UTC)
look at the sexy ring. that broke the same day!!!

ooh what a hottie. delta water and diamonds. you must have been the happiest gurl EVA!

im in a weird mood, could you tell?

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